Revenue Cycle Management

We Help You Raise the RCM Value Chain.

Alpha Medical Billing Service comprehensive revenue cycle management services aim to reorganize your revenue cycle model to make it more efficient, quick and adaptable. We combine the power of our team, experience, knowledge, process, and technology to maximize your chances of getting paid more without the hassles of delays and significant investments.

This Is How We Optimize RCM Process

We leverage a well-designed sequential process to help our clients maximize their revenue cycle. The steps include:

Patient Appointment and eligibility Verification

We help in maintaining a smooth patient influx and operating the clinic in an efficient manner. Reduce patient waiting time by fixing appointments in an organized manner.We assist you to know the exact amount a patient owes in the form of Copays / Coinsurance / Deductibles. This also helps reveal the patient’s payment history.

Demographic Entry

The specialist billing experts take care of the demographics & charge entry. They let the medical practice track when and where the claims go and also make them aware of whether they are filed within 24 – 48 hours.

Coding and Billing

Our team consists of American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) & American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) certified auditors with over ten years of experience.We help you detect the loopholes and once we analyze and pinpoint the weak links in the process, we also provide probable solutions to rectify it.This process saves you from losing any revenue for the performed services & ensures compliance with the rules too.

Denial Management

In the event of a denial, we carry out proper analysis to identify the root cause of denials. This greatly helps us reduce future denials. We are experts in analyzing denials, we always Try to resolve a Denied claim in one shot, so we can focus on other claims

Accounts Receivable Management

Alpha Medical Billing Service (ABS) runs behind every dollar on the table. We have collected millions of untapped dollars when we took over new projects. We check with the insurance companies for outstanding claims over 30 days through AR calling. We have a well-established process to reduce accounts receivable resolution time by at least 30%.

Analytical Solution

We also provide real-time reports and forecasts. You get access to the reports on any computer or mobile device at anytime you want.

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